Q: Do the questions on the site relate to the new style 2019 GPhC Registration assessment?
A: Yes, the questions in ONtrack are similar and it is designed to help you prepare for potential question types you might come across in your registration exam. All content is written and peer reviewed according to advice and guidance provided by the General Pharmaceutical Council. However, the questions are not identical, as ONtrack is designed to be a revision aid and not a mock examination. 

Q: I am having problems with logging in, what should I do?

A: Please visit our support site for further information.

Q: I think there is an error in one of the questions, how do I report it?
A: Please contact our support team. Please tell us as much as possible about what you think is incorrect and preferably include a screenshot.

Q: I am an Associate member of the RPS, how do I get my free 30 days access?
A: Your access code can be found within the My RPS section of the RPS website. If you cannot access your code, please contact moc/smrahpr//pihsrebmem

Q: I am an Associate member of the RPS and would like to purchase a subscription, how do I activate my 25% discount?
A: When paying for your subscription, enter your RPS membership number and your discount will be applied.

Q: My RPS membership code hasn't been recognised, what do I do?
A: Please contact the RPS membership team, moc/smrahpr//pihsrebmem

Q: When does my subscription start?
A: Your subscription will be activated as soon as you complete your purchase. For example, if you have bought a 60 day subscription, this will expire 60 days after you have completed your purchase NOT from the first time you attempt the questions. So start revising as soon as you have bought your subscription.

Q: How do I renew my subscription?
A: Subscriptions are for the period selected when they are taken out and, once purchased, cannot be extended. Once your subscription to ONtrack has expired, simply sign in again and try to start a question session. You will be redirected automatically to the subscription purchase page.

Provided that you use the same email address and password for the new subscription as you did before, your previous sessions will still be available for you to review.

Please note that the converse also applies. Currently, the only way to resubscribe but not continue from where you left off, i.e. to start again with a clean slate, is to create a new ONtrack user account identified by a different email address. (You will thereby retain the opportunity to look back at your previous sessions if you use your original login.)

Q: How are the questions created?
A: We pay careful attention when selecting our question writers and reviewers who are all pharmacy experts. The questions are all reviewed on a regular basis to reflect change in legislation. For further information see About Us.

Q: How do I access the stats on my completed questions?
A: Make sure you are logged in to your account, then click on the 'My sessions' link in the top right corner. This will provide you with a list of all your sessions, complete or incomplete. From here you can click on the 'Review stats' button to see your progress.

Q: What happens if I have worked through all the questions?
A: Once you have worked through all the questions in a section, you will be able to start them again. The questions will be the same but presented in a different order, this will give you the opportunity to attempt all the questions again and try to improve your mark.

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Pre-reg Module Pricing

Subscription period

Subscription rate

30 days


60 days


90 days


6 months


9 months


12 months


Associate members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society receive 30 days' free access to the pre-reg module on ONtrack. Associate members can purchase additional subscriptions with a 25% reduction on the full price. More information about associate membership is available on the Society website.

We also offer corporate subscriptions at discounted prices for companies that have a number of trainees.

Please note that the 30 day free access and discounted rate is only available to prereg associate RPS members, no other membership type is eligible. Attempting to use a RPS membership number to try to gain discounted rates or sharing your login details with another person is a breach of our terms and conditions. Your account will be terminated and no refund will be given.