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ONtrack is an online revision site, produced and updated by Pharmaceutical Press, the publishing arm of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It's designed to provide pre-reg trainees and pharmacy students with a learning resource they can trust and rely on when preparing for their exams. It hosts 100s of questions which are created in the same format as the pharmacy exams.

All the questions are written and reviewed by experienced pharmacists who are either currently practising, are course lecturers or are previous exam writers. Each of the question writers are peer recommended and carefully selected by our editorial team.

All questions have a review schedule to ensure they are up to date and relevant.

Pre-reg questions

The questions in the pre-reg section of the site closely match the style of the questions in the General Pharmaceutical Council's Registration Assessment. The section provides calculation, single best answer, and extended matching questions. You can select questions in sets of 10, up to 50 questions per session, meaning you can plan your study accordingly.

Timers, graphs and a record of all your sessions allow you to monitor your progress and show you how you're getting on compared to your peers that are using the site.

All complex answers generate an explanation to support the correct answer and/or provide a description of where you can find more information, reinforcing learning.

"When checking the answers to questions, the small paragraphs underneath the answers with an explanation of the correct answer (or links for further reading around the topic, and reference to specific BNF sections) were very useful and helped a lot with revision."

"The calculations - they were slightly harder than the exam so were good preparation. I also liked being able to chose the number of questions for each test - it meant that I could fit revision into lunchtimes and journeys to and from work."

Pre-reg students, 2015

Student questions

Questions in the student section reflect the style of the undergraduate pharmacy degree exams. You can select the topic you wish to test yourself on and will be given a set of questions.

When reviewing your answers you will see suggested resources to assist your learning. Graphs will show your progress on each question set and show how you're getting on compared to your peers that are using the site.

"Really good interactive way of solidifying knowledge whilst revising. A brilliant revision and learning tool"
Pharmacy student, 2014

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